#10 Inside my shoe fetish world

Today I am feeling especially thankful towards my lovely slaves, I am giving a tiny bit of pleasure back because you have been good slaveboys. Yes you heard it, today you are getting a look inside my shoe fetish princess world.. 9 brand new pairs of expensive high heels I have purchased last month with your slave money, you like these beautiful shiny shoes on my pretty feet don't you? I know you do slave and I am being especially sweet today by allowing you to kiss them for me, worship my feet and my shoes. Enjoy it as my sweetness isn't here to stay slave ;)

#9 Time for a princess nap

Are you here again? You ever going out, you stupid man. Go away, I don't need you here. Are you pathetic you idiot? I am just trying to relax, just go ahead. I am trying to play Angry Birds while you are just sitting here like a puppy dog next to my bed staring at me like that. Can't you just leave me, have nothing to do in your life now have you? I forget.. you don't have any friends now have you? Your Thai Money Princess is tired from spending all of your money today. Now your princess wants to enjoy a princess sleep. I don't want you here, you are getting on my nerve with that pathetic look of yours and wipe that stupid smile of your face. Simply leave 200 euro on the table while I enjoy myself in the bed.. playing with my million dollar bum. Wait a minute now you are here slave.. before you go, I want you to lick my feet.. I am so relaxed right now keep licking and massage it slowly.

#8 Rent is due slaveboy

It's that time of the month again and you know it, time to pay for your princess's apartment rent. Rent is not going to pay for itself now will it slaveboy, and yes I know you pay for all of my shopping trips, massages and beauty salon appointments. I'm a beautiful Thai Money Princess, I never pay for my bills. Come on your little peanut, hand it over. Don't make angry, I will fucking slap you in your face, you like that don't you? I will slap you till you squeel like a little pig. I will tie your balls and make it hurt, look at you getting horny just by looking me. You're so sad slave, go sit down on your knees slave. That's it slaveboy, give the money to your princess. That's it... come on. I need more.

#7 You are my ashtray

Come smoke a cigarette with me slaveboy or rather, how about this - I'll smoke a cigarette while humiliating your slave body. Haha, yes, I think that's a fantastic idea ;) That's why you are here right now stroking your little willy aren't you, to be humiliated by your Thai Money Princess. Trust me slaveboy you are about to exactly get what you are looking for. What's that slave, you trust me? Of course you trust me, have I ever lied to you? No I haven't, I know you have tried to lie to me in the past, owh silly you. That didn't turn out too well for you now did it? Sit down on your knees slave and watch your Thai Princess use your slave body as an human ashtray.

#6 Worship my million dollar bum

Here's the deal slaveboy, my bum is the most precious body part your princess possesses and therefore it's expensive and it's going to cost You, my Slaveboy a lot of money to even get near it. I am getting lots of donations for 50, 100 or 200 euro to just touch it and I tell them to fuck off while spending the money on expensive items when shopping sending them a drop of my ass sweat in the mail. Face it, not only you but everyone is jealous of my bum, when I go out every other loser keeps staring at it. When I went out last night five guys asked for my number and I told him to fuck off as well ;) Yes, losers like you just keep staring at my bum, what are you thinking there? You are dreaming of kissing it or even touching my nice soft ass gently by rubbing your hands all over it... keep dreaming Slaveboy. You gonna need to have deep pockets to worship my princess bum :)